We all get cuts, scraps from minor injury. Our skin is a barrier and protection once it is ‘violated’ it is up to us to care for it. The following are a few important basic to ‘wound’ care when you are not given specific direction from a medical professional.

Supplies needed:

  • antibacterial soap (Lever 2000®, Dial®)
  • Vasoline petroleum jelly (NOT Neosporin® or Bacitracin®)
  • Q tips
  • Bandages size to cover wound

Actions till completely healed:

  • keep wound clean wash with soapy water gently
  • keep coated with thin layer of ointment
  • cover with clean bandage
  • clean at least twice a day and whenever get it wet
  • cover sun block (SPF30) for one year round to avoid scarring


I like and have repeatedly used Aquaphor® healing ointment (OTC) which protects against infection*, promote healing, avoids scab formation so decreases a scar forming.


*signs of infection increasing redness, swelling, pain or drainage