Not all of life’s health events are noticeable; even your heart attack can be silent.

The philosophical question comes to mind – was it ignored or did it truly occur without any bodily hint?

Did you feel something – a discomfort, anxiety, or tiredness – just ignore it, and with time it went away? We are all guilty of waiting to see if our body’s complaints resolve without medical care – myself included.

Narrowing of heart's LAD artery

Narrowing of heart’s LAD artery

Z. Soliman, M.D., a researcher at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, found that nearly half of occuring heart attacks (MI) are silent. A person may not always have the classic symptoms such as pain in the chest, cold sweat and shortness of breath. This is the first evidence of how prevalent silent MIs are.

Results from a study of nine years showed silent MIs:

  • made up 45 percent of all heart attacks
  • increased the chance of dying from heart disease by 3 times
  • increased the chance of dying from all causes by 34 percent
  • were more common in men BUT more likely to cause death in women.

What to do? Know if you are at risk, listen to even subtle changes in your body.