We need humility in dealing with this virus. The euphoria of ‘re-opening, for many this belief, is premature. I wish we did not hear or read another word on this virus, but not our reality!  The names may have changed by WHO by using the Greek letters rather than the name of the site it originated in, no matter the name this virus is still a concern (see table below). The genome of the original continues to mutate with established or suspected phenotypic implications. Separated into ‘variants of concern’ & ‘variants of interest’ (seven at this posting), the medical world has not relaxed about this virus quite yet.

You Should Know, So Please Read

You Should Know, So Please Read

There is a reason a few days ago the UK delayed opening up. The Delta variant (alias Indian variant) is 90% of the new cases and 60% more transmissible and landing 20-29 y.o. in hospital. So still masks!

The CDC and OSHA recommend plexiglass barriers as protection against the spread of COVID-19 when social distancing can’t be practiced. Ventilation is a component of strategies to clean and maintain healthy facilities. Think about putting folks in large buildings or floors in open cubicles with shared ventilation systems. Yes, filters and much more would be needed to get me into that setting. 

BTW, the ‘3-foot distance’ CDC recommendation doesn’t apply to a gym or health club, a choir, or contact sports. “This is only for everyday living in a lower risk environment,”

Have children going to attend in-person classes, please read what CDC is continuing to recommend despite the perceived ‘end’ to the pandemic.

This year we may see a ‘booster vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 given at the same time as the annual flu ‘shot’. The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) said that COVID vaccines may be co-administered